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Joy Mercer

Joy Mercer
Anubis House Resident
Joy Mercer is a resident of the House of Anubis who may have having feelings for Fabian. She was taken out of the school and into the Society's care on the day that day Nina arrived at the school, and all history of her enrollment removed. The Society thought she was the Chosen One, the only person able to reassemble the Cup of Ankh. However, she could not restore the Cup of Ankh. As a member of Sibuna she is taken over by Senkhara and is killed in a showdown between her/Senkhara and Nina. However, Victor revives her using the tears of gold he puts on her lip.
Joy Mercer is portrayed by Klariza Clayton.

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Fabian Rutter - Broken Love

First Appearance
January 1st 2011: Series 1 Episode 1, House of Secrets